Kim Sacks - Shool of Ceramics

Clay Journeys

I have facilitated 2 clay journeys in the last 3 years.  They don't happen  often, the reason being is that  they are unique moments in time, seasons within seasons, and can only happen when the impulse to do these "Journeys"  is so powerful, that ignoring them is not an option, and creative  Well-Being is inextricably bound  to moving through the desire to explore , as opposed to manoeuvring around it.

They have been amazingly fruitful. They are a totally different way of working with clay, moving away from the more traditional way of approaching ceramics, as a craft, the age-old notion of acquiring a skill through dedicated practice.

In the Clay Journeys – one takes on a playful, explorative approach – and ignores the traditional approaches that teach one how to make a beautiful cup to drink one's tea out of – this is the process where the maker or traveller almost re-defines the act of making the vessel and even possibly that of drinking from it as well.

This is a rare experience with clay – that I occationally seek out - to remind myself that clay has other dimensions to it – that if explored – can take me to places that I don't often visit, destinations that I dream of , in instances of meditation and clarity – that I am able to glimpse – but not linger for too long in, due to every-day commitments that take me away from being able to just be.

It might sound rather confusing – and in some ways it is – but in most ways it is trying to find a place, where one can find absolute creative clarity. Some times we can find that space by ourselves in solitude  – and sometimes we enjoy the place where we explore the terrain, as a creative group. This is an area that enthrals me enormously, I find it bears gifts of unexpected shapes and qualities, which I carry with me for long after the Journey has passed.

If this sounds as if it something that you would be inclined to explore, please make contact with me.